Long Sleeve SaturYAY

A crowd favorite is back!!!!! This long sleeve V neck is THE SOFTEST shirt we have.  Not to mention the phrasing for your favorite team!!!!  SaturYay!!!!!!!  I mean...who thinks of stuff like that? WE DO!!!!  The Crimson and White is obviously Lori's favorite (insert eyeball rolling emoji here) because Haley is in charge of this website.  Geesh, but it's undeniable that her team will never be beat, like in the history of ever!  So I guess we can sell it. Lori is currently walking around the office running a business while I am smack talking on this edited description!!!  Hahahahahah!!!  It's all I've got...I mean its this and Iron Bowl 2013 and 2017.  Seriously, once you put it on...you will know why it is a crowd favorite.  #showyourspirit

$ 25.00

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